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Family History

From Ireland's western shores to the shores of the Great Lakes, from Sweden's lakeshores to the rolling prairies of North America, from the farmlands of Flanders to the prairie flowers of North Dakota, they all converged at the heartland of Canada's breadbasket - Saskatchewan; these are the origins and legacies of my family.

New Additions

I have added many pages of information on our ancestors, including the Olson and Matsdotter lines and the maternal ancestors of Marta Persdotter, the mother of Hilma Christina Logstrom Olson (my grandmother). These are included in the Olsons and Logstroms pages.

These ancestors go back to the 1500s.

I submitted my DNA to Ancestry.com and the results indicated that I am 35 percent Swedish and 22 percent Norwegian. Also, I am 18 percent of what is now Belgium, 17 percent Great Britain, 3 percent Eastern Europe and Russia, 2 percent Baltic States, 2 percent French and 1 percent Finland - with a little North America Indian thrown in. The results are not surprising, except for the French. My grandmother was French, so I would have thought there would have been more French DNA included. The Scandinavian results, and even the Great Britain results, probably come from the Viking heritage in my DNA. The Vikings were from Norway and Sweden and conquered lands all over Europe and Russia.

Family History

I've created this website as a legacy for my family. I've always had an intense interest in history and genealogy, and by creating these pages I hope to be able to make my research accessible to family far and wide so they can learn about the rich culture and history that we all come from.

I have also written a novella about the first of our ancestors in Canada - Antonei Farly and Marie Bastien. I have also completed a second novella about Antonie's and Marie's son, Jacques Philippes Farly and his wife, Josette Dumouchel. They were very adventurous people and lived in interesting times. Both of these can be found in the Stories section.

I hope you enjoy your journey through My Family History and for those distant family members, I sincerely hope my research can assist you in your research.