The three Jean-Baptiste Bouchers

Charles' son, the first Jean-Baptiste, married Marie-Catherine Gladu on November 29, 1737 at Ile Dupas. Marie was born at St. Sulprice, l'Assumption, Quebec, on October 4, 1718. Their son was the second Jean-Baptiste.

The second Jean-Baptiste Boucher was born on October 13, 1738. His wife, Ursule Coulombe, was born in about 1745, and the couple were married in May of 1768 at Berthierville, Quebec. They were the parents of our ancestor, Jean-Baptiste Boucher.


Market Street, Berthier

Jean-Baptiste's and Ursule's son, the third Jean-Baptiste, married Marie Felicite Aubin on January 26, 1795, at Berthier, probably at Sainte-Geneviève, which was established between 1782 and 1787.

Sainte-Geneviève de Berthier Interior

Sainte-Geneviève de Berthier

The children of Jean-Baptiste and Marie Felicite were Jean-Baptiste, Jean-Marie (born: March 25, 1797), Angele (born: November 30, 1798), and Joseph - our ancestor (born: May 8, 1800), all born at Berthier. Marie Felecite (born: March 16, 1804) and Pelagie (born: August 23, 1809) were born at Ste-Elisabeth. Elisabeth (born: July 6, 1812) was born at Berthier, and Marguerite (born: March 15, 1815) was born at Ste-Elisabeth. Edourard (born: May 26, 1818) was born at Berthier.

Joseph Boucher was first married to Julie Faucher, who was born in 1807. She died on February 3, 1843. Joseph and Julie had four children, Leon (March 24, 1834), Athalie (November 11, 1835), Cyrille (August 16, 1837), and Narcisse (May 4, 1839). All the children were born at St. Ambroise de Kildare.

After Julie's death, Joseph married Charlotte Roy on October 24, 1843, at the village church at St-Jacques d'Achigan. This parish is located in the county of Montcalm on the River Lac Oureau, 13 miles from L'Assomption, and 35 miles north of Montreal. Saint-Jacques-de-l'Achigan burned down in 1914. Charlotte was born on November 12, 1812, at St-Jacques and died on January 4, 1870, at St. Ambroise de Kildare. She was the daughter of Joseph Roy and Elisabeth/Isabelle Richard. Joseph and Charlotte were the parents of our ancestor, Julius Boucher, who married Denise Farly.


Marin Boucher

Jean-Baptiste Boucher

Julius and Denise Boucher

Joseph and Julia Boucher