Collecting Maple Syrup at St. Ambroise

Winter Scene at St. Ambroise

Crookston - 1870

Crookston - 1900

Crookston - 1905

Crookston Courthouse 1910

Elevator at Eldred, Minnesota
Elevator at Eldred, Minnesota

Main Street, Eldred, Minnesota
Eldred, Minnesota

Boucher House on East Roberts, Crookston
Boucher Home, Crookston

Joseph Boucher and Julia Farly

My greatgrandfather, Joseph Ambroise Boucher, was born on August 10, 1865, at St. Ambroise de Kildare, Joliette County, Quebec.

Birth Record for Joseph

Church at St. Ambroise de Kildare

The map below indicates the region in Quebec where Joseph Boucher was born.

Map of St. Ambroise de Kildare, Quebec.

Joseph was the oldest child of Denise and Julius. His godparents were Amable Farly, his maternal grandfather, and Charlotte Roy, his paternal grandmother. Joseph moved to Minnesota at the age of 17, and entered through Port Huron in January 1882. His father followed him in November 1882.

Joseph homesteaded land near Crookston and was a bachelor for many years. He wished to marry, and at the age of 32 he took notice of his second cousin, Julia Farly, who lived with her brothers on the Farly family farm. She was 19, so considerably younger than Joseph. When Joseph came courting, Julia wasn't very interested. In fact, when her brothers suggested she marry Joseph, she was adamantly against it. However, she gave the marriage some thought, and when Joseph proposed to her, she said yes. She realized that Joseph would be a good companion and provider, and he was quite handsome to boot.

Joseph & Julia - Wedding Picture

Joseph and Julia married in the fall of 1897 and lived on the farm at Eldred. They made an attractive couple, as you can see in their wedding picture. Joseph and Julia had 12 children, most of them being delivered by Joseph on the farm. They had a good marriage - Julia was quite independent and always had her own chequing account which was unusual for those days. They were nurturing, loving parents, and supported their children without being heavy-handed with their discipline. Julia got quite chubby as she grew older, and her grandchildren enjoyed many great hugs from her. Joseph got impatient when he got older, and the youngsters got on his nerves, which is too bad, because he is remembered as shouting a lot.

Julia and her Girls

Julia holding her Grandbabies

The children were:

Vitaline - born August 15, 1898
Valerie - born January 21, 1900 (our grandmother)
Dora - born August 29, 1901
Arthur - born 1902, died either 1902 or 1903
David - born April 22, 1904
Leo - born August 18, 1906
Henrietta - born 1907, died either 1907 or 1908
Ida - born July 24, 1910
Rosabelle - born November 15, 1911
Harry - born November 10, 1913
Gladys (Keg) - born December 28, 1914; died April 7, 2013
Emily (Scrap) - born December 19, 1915

All the children were given a nickname. Emily's was "Scrap" because she was the last one born. For many years, Valerie wouldn't tell her grandchildren what her nickname was, but we eventually found out it was "Veedee".

Joseph and Julia moved into a house on East Robert Street in Crookston about the turn of the century. Joseph died on July 18, 1934 Certificate of Death. He suffered from arteriosclerosis for three years and died from that and secondary cerebral softening. He left Julia very well off financially.

The family occupied the house on East Robert Street until Julia passed away on December 31, 1955. She lived there with her daughters, Gladys and Emily, and daughter-in-law, Fabby. They cared for Julia as she became older and more frail. Julia was fortunate to have such a loving, caring family Certificate of Death. Julia also had generalized arteriosclerosis but died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

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Jean-Baptiste Boucher

Julius and Denise Boucher

Denise Farley

Joseph and Julia Boucher

Julia Farley