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Julius Boucher and Denise Farly Boucher

Julius Boucher, born September 14, 1844 at St-Ambroise-de-Kildare, Joliette County, married Marie Denise Farly on August 9, 1864, at St-Ambroise-de-Kildare, Joliette County, Quebec. Denise was the daughter of Amable Farly and Marie Forcier.

Beginning of Marriage Record for Julius and Denise

Marriage Certificate
English translation

I translated this myself so there are probably alot of inaccuracies in the translation. However, I think there is enough information that we will be more informed on the marriage.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Farly Family Tree to see who joined the family closer together.

Denise and Julius had 12 children in all. Eight of their children were born while they were living in St. Gabriel de Brandon, Quebec. In 1882, the family made the move to Minnesota, where Denise gave birth to a further 4 children.

Boucher Portion - 1900 Census, Lowell Township

As you can see in the photo below, Denise was quite small. My mother can remember her - she remembers that she only spoke French.

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There were many reasons why families moved from Quebec to the United States at that time. People tended to have very large families then, and the farms became increasingly smaller as they were split between the sons. Eventually they were not economically viable. Jules Boucher following his son, Joseph, who had emigrated to Polk County, Minnesota, in December 1882. They came through Fort Huron. Jules was naturalized on July 23, 1904. Jules' relatives, Francois and Adam Farly, had set out for the U.S. from Ontario, where they had lived for a number of years. The Bouchers knew they had relatives at Crookston, and the families had been very close while living in Quebec and had spent a lot of time together. There were many opportunities for hardworking young men in Minnesota; homestead lands were available and the Bouchers took advantage of this chance to own their own land.

The Bouchers settled on a farm near Eldred, which is a few minutes outside of Crookston, Minnesota. There are still Bouchers farming in the area. Eldred was a Great Northern railway village in Roome Township. The village's name was chosen by settlers from New York State, and commemorated Judge Nathaniel B. Eldred, of Bethany, Pa. He was a lawyer in 1816 and a district judge in 1835-57.

Homestead Records for Lowell Township. Both Joseph and Jules homesteaded in 1896.
Source: Pennington County Historical Society.

It is interesting to note that Adeline Farley also homesteaded land at Lowell and Andover in 1896. This is likely a misspelling of Adelme Farly's name.

Homestead Record - Probably for Adelme (Adam) Farly

The farmland around Crookston is very rich and fertile, and this was a great attraction for the Quebec farmers. The land is gently rolling, lush prairie, with clusters of trees dotting the horizon. The main crop at the time the Bouchers homesteaded was wheat and they were able to ship their wheat via the railroad companies to the mills in Minneapolis. The little village of Eldred has now lost most of its population to the larger centers. When the Bouchers and Farleys moved to the Crookston area, they were the only two families that were not Scandinavian.

Jules passed away on February 13, 1926 (Certificate #1926-MN-011757). He died as a result of chronic myocarditis with contributory hiccough, which he endured for four days. According to the 1930 Minnesota Census, Denise lived with her daughter, Mathilda, at 52 Hurlbert, in Crookston. They were both listed as widows. On the census, it indicated that Denise only spoke French, but Mathilda spoke both French and English. Denise passed away on October 21, 1935 (CERTID# 1935-MN-012332). She had an accident at home and broke her hip. A contributing factor was senility, so she may have had Alzheimers Disease.

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