The Allard Family

Valerie Allard was a descendent of François Allard and Jeanne Anguille. François was one of the first farmers in Quebec. He and his brother, Julien, set out for New France from Blacqueville, a village near Rouen, Upper Normandy, in 1666 to seek out opportunities that would lead to them owning their own land. Jeanne Anguille was one of the "Filles du Roi" - The Kings Daughters, and she came from Artunne, a little village about 15 kilometres from Tours. She came from a family of above average means who were able to provide her with a dowry of 300 livres.

François and Jeanne were married in a little chapel in Beauport on November 1, 1671.

Beauport, Quebec
Beauport, Quebec

Marriage Record, Francois and Jeanne
Marriage Record, Francois and Jeanne

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The Descendents of Jeanne and Francois

François and Jeanne had a family of five boys and four girls:

Andre Allard, born in September 1672, Quebec City;
Jean François Allard, born in August 1674, Baie-du-Fabvre, Nicolet-Yamaska, Quebec;
Jean Baptiste Allard, baptised on the 22nd of February 1676 (our ancestor) at Bourg-Royal, Quebec;
Marie-Renee Allard, born in January 1678 at Bourg-Royal, Quebec;
George Allard, born in February 1680 at Bourg-Royal, Quebec;
Marie-Renee Allard, born in May 1683 at Bourg-Royal, Quebec(she lived only 6 months);
Marie-Anne Allard, born in 1685 at Bourg-Royal, Quebec;
Thomas Allard, born in March 1687 at Charlesbourg, Quebec;
Jeanne Allard, born before 1689.

Jean Baptiste Allard married Anne-Elisabeth Pageau on February 23, 1705. Anne-Elizabeth was born on January 15, 1686, at Charlesbourg. Her parents were Thomas Pageau and Marie-Catherine Roy. Jean-Baptiste died on December 23, 1748, at Charlesbourg.

Marriage Record, Jean Alard and Elizabeth Pageot
Marriage Record, Jean Alard and Elizabeth Pageot

Jean Baptiste and Anne-Elisabeth had the following children:

Thomas Allard, born January 31, 1708 at Charlesbourg;
Jean-Baptiste Allard, born January 18, 1710 at Charlesbourg;
Marie-Therese Allard, born March 26, 1712 at Charlesbourg;
Andre Allard, born March 11, 1714 at Charlesbourg;
Pierre Allard, born April 28, 1716 at Charlesbourg;
François Allard, born February 10, 1706 at Charlesbourg (our ancestor);
Jacques Allard, born August 17, 1721 born at Charlesbourg;
Marie Madeleine Allard, born August 26, 1723 at Charlesbourg;
Marie-Charlotte Allard, born May 28, 1726 at Charlesbourg.

Francois Allard married Barbe Louise Bergevin, on November 13, 1741. Barbe was the daughter of Ignace Bergevin and Marie Genevieve Tessier, and she was born on November 3, 1724 at Charlesbourg. Francois died on November 4, 1801 at Charlesbourg and was buried November 7, 1801 at St-Cuthbert, Quebec.

Francois and Barbe Louise had the following children:

Marie Louise Allard, born November 3, 1742, at Charlesbourg.
Marie Angelique Allard, born February 24, 1744 at Charlesbourg.
Pierre Francois Allard, born February 17, 1746 at Charlesbourg.
Louis Allard, born 1746.
Marie Therese Allard, born March 23, 1748 at Charlesbourg.
Jean Baptiste Allard, born January 20, 1751 at Charlesbourg (our ancestor).
Louise Marie Allard, born December 15, 1752 at Charlesbourg.
Louis Jean Charles Allard, born February 15, 1755 at Charlesbourg.
Pierre Charles Allard, born February 21, 1757 at Charlesbourg.
Marie Josephte Allard, born October 11, 1759 at Charlesbourg.
Antoine Allard, born June 4, 1761 at Charlesbourg.
Joseph Allard, born March 28, 1764 at Charlesbourg (died at 1 year, 7 months).
Francois Allard, born September 19, 1766, at Quebec City (died at 2 years, 10 months).

Jean Baptiste married Marie Angelique Jacques, on February 7, 1774 at St-Cuthbert, Quebec. Marie Angelique was born at Lavaltrie, Quebec on March 4, 1756, and was the daughter of Joseph Jacques and Marie Joseph Gronnier.

Marriage Record, Jean Allard and Angelique Jacques
Marriage Record, Jean Allard and Angelique Jacques

Jean Baptiste and Marie Angelique had the following children:

Jean Baptiste Alard, born 1775, at Antoine-sur-Richeleu (our ancestor)
Joseph Alard, born Oct. 15, 1776, at St-Cuthbert (died at 6 months)
Jean Marie Allard, born June 12, 1778 at St-Cuthbert
Elisabeth Allard (Alart), born December 26, 1781, at St-Cuthbert
Joseph Allard, born April 24, 1784, at St-Cuthbert
Marie Barbe Alard, born November 28, 1785 at St-Cuthbert
Francois Allard (Allart), born September 23, 1789
Louise Allard, born 1790 at St-Cuthbert
Antoine Alard, born April 15, 1791 at St-Cuthbert (died at 2 years of age)
Marie Josephte Allard, born March 9, 1795, at St-Cuthbert
Olivier Allard, married September 6, 1843 at St-Cuthbert.

Jean Baptiste Alard married Marguerite Lafausse on September 3, 1805, at Ste-Genevieve, QC

Marguerite Lafausse was born at Berthierville on July 10, 1782. She was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lafausse and Veronique Amable Berthiaume. She died and was buried on October 28, 1861, at the age of 80.

Jean Baptiste was buried at St-Cuthbert on December 18, 1860.

Marguerite Lafausse was buried at St-Cuthbert on October 28, 1861.

Jean Baptiste and Marguerite had the following children:

Julie Allard, born 1806, St-Cuthbert
Jean Olivier Allard, born March 25, 1812, St-Cuthbert, QC (our ancestor)
Marie Alard, married March 12, 1835, St-Cuthbert, QC
Maxine Alard, married Feb. 7, 1842, St-Cuthbert, QC
Jonas Allard, married July 29, 1845, St-Cuthbert, QC
Jean Allard, born Oct. 1820 (died at 2 years, 4 months, buried at St-Cuthbert)
Prospere Alard, married July 5, 1831, St-Cuthbert, QC
Desire Alard, married Nov. 24, 1846, St-Cuthbert, QC
Joseph Alard, married June 21, 1857, St-Cuthbert, QC

Jean Olivier Allard, married Eloise Gagnon dite Dumontier on August 30, 1836, at St-Cuthbert, QC. Eloise was born at St-Cuthbert in 1817. Her parents were Louis Guyon (Gagnon) dit Dumontier and Marguerite Remillard.

Eloise died and was buried March 30, 1897 at St-Elizabeth, Berthier, QC

Jean Olivier died and was buried on Oct. 13, 1890, at St-Barthelemy, QC

Jean Olivier and Eloise had the following children:

Olivine, born/baptised Feb. 17, 1840, St-Cuthbert, QC
Caroline, born/baptised Mar. 17, 1843, St-Cuthbert, QC
Joseph, born/baptised April 21, 1845, St-Cutbbert, QC
Valerie, born/baptised March 7, 1849, St-Cuthbert, QC (my Great-Great-Great-Grandma)
Julie, born/baptised Sept. 19, 1850, St-Cuthbert, QC
George Edmond, born/baptised July 19, 1852, St-Cuthbert, QC
Hormidas (Hermidas), born/baptised April 8, 1854, St-Cuthbert, QC
Marie Rose, born/baptised Aug. 15, 1855, St-Cuthbert, QC

Valerie Allard married Adam Farly on June 23, 1868 at St-Cuthbert, QC. Adam was born at St-Barthelemy on April 15, 1848. His parents were Francois Xavier Farly and Emelie Denomme.

Valerie died on March 3, 1884, at Andover, Polk County, Minnesota. Adam died on December 27, 1917, at Yakima, Washington.

Valerie and Adam had the following children:

Joseph Zenon Farly, born Feb. 9, 1870, Belle River, ON
Joseph Olivier Farly, born Feb. 8, 1871, Belle River, ON
Laura Farly, born April 28, 1872, Belle River, ON
Emily J., born June 26, 1873, Belle River, ON
Edmond J., born Dec. 22, 1874, Belle River, ON
Marie Emma Florida Farly, born Sept. 20 or 30, 1876, Belle River, ON
Marie Julia Farly, born May 30, 1878, Belle River, ON (Great-Great-Grandma)
Georgina Farly, born Jan. 19, 1880, Belle River, ON
Francois Farly, born Aug, 8, 1881, Belle River, ON
Cordelia Farly, born Sept. 8, 1882, Crookston, MN
Eugenie May, born Nov. 2, 1883, Crookston, MN (died at 6 months, Andover, MN).

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