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Gotland - an enchanted island which in times past rose every evening and sank again every morning. This enchantment was broken when a man by the name of Tjelvar came to the island, bringing fire. Geological studies have shown that, although the tale might not be true, the island has sunk and risen many times from the sea.


Runestone - Bildstein-Rute Church, Gotland

Bildstein im Museum Fornsalen, Visby (Gotland).

Visby, Gotland, Sweden

Visby, Gotland, Sweden

Gavle, Sweden

In the town of Gavle

Kandiyohi County, Minnesota


The Loström (Logström) family consisted of Greatgrandfather, Reinhold Logstrom, born in Visby, Gotland, in 1851, Greatgrandmother, Márta Persdotter, born in 1857 in Tuna, Gävle, on mainland Sweden, and their children: Peter Reinhold (born March 31, 1877), Hilma Christine (born November 16, 1879), Katrina Elizabeth (born December 8, 1882), Gustaf Robert (born May 16, 1884), Olof Edwin (born December 19, 1887), Erik Albin (born June 7, 1893), George Otto (born December 31, 1895), and Martha Hedvig (born January 30, 1899).

As per the Willmar Tribune, on October 1903, "Mrs. Logstrom and her daughter, Martha, left on Thursday of last week for their home in Finlayson, after spending a month with Mrs. Logstrom's daughter, Mrs. B.A. Olson" (Christine). On June 15, 1904, "B.O. Olson returned from Canada, where he was making improvements on his claim" (Willmar Tribune). This showed that Ole B. went to Canada and made things ready for Christine and the children. On September 30, 1905, "Mrs. Logstrom of Finlayson visited her daughter, Mrs. B.O. Olson, and other friends in the vicinity". On March 21, 1917, "Reinhold Logstrom was elected to be constable, Gennessee Township" - a town cop?

Marta Persdotter
Marta Persdotter Logstrom

Olof Reinhold Logstrom
Olof Reinhold Logstrom

Peter Reinhold/Reynold

Peter (Reinhold/Reynold) travelled to the U.S. at the young age of 14 to join his father who had already travelled to North America. He lived with his family in Gennessee, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, in 1895, according to the 1895 Minnesota Territorial and State Census. Peter Reinhold was 18 at the time of the census. He married his wife, Annie Levin, in 1902 and they had three children: Hilda, Alice, and Elizabeth. On June 4, 1902 "Reinhold was made mail carrier" (Willmar Tribune). On November 13, 1903, "Reynold accidentally shot his brother, Edwin Logstrom" (Willmar Tribune). In 1909, he is registered as living in Central Butte, Saskatchewan on the Residents Index. On February 2, 1910, "town of Gennessee, Peter Logstrom (Reinhold) bought land from A. Schreder, 4 acres for $275, Lot 1, Section 35" (Willmar Tribune). On May 4, 1912, "town of Gennessee, County Auditor, Peter R. Logstrom owns 2 acres of land" (Willmar Tribune). He is also included in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census for Gennessee, Minnesota. He is working for a monthly wage on a farm. On June 11, 1913, "town of Gennessee, on June 4 Peter R. Logstrom and wife sold Erick Levin land", and on June 5, "Peter R. and his wife sold 4 acres to B.P. Hovey for $300" (Willmar Tribune). On November 11, 1914, "Peter Logstrom visited Finlayson where his father lived" (Willmar Tribune).

On September 12, 1918, "Peter Reinhold is listed on the List of Registered Men" (assumed for the draft in Kandiyohi County)(Willmar Tribune. Peter was drafted at the age of 41. He was of medium height and weight, had brown hair and hazel eyes. He was a street car conductor at the time. He and his family lived in Atwater. Whether or not he served is not indicated. In 1930, Peter was included in the U.S. Federal Census and was a janitor in a school at that time. He was a lodger as his wife had passed. In the 1940 U.S. Census, he was again lodging in a board and room situation and working as a painter's assistant for the federal government. Hopefully he soon retired. He passed away in 1956 in Hennepin, Minnesota.

Hilma Christine

Hilma Christine was my grandmother. She married Ole B. Olson and moved to Canada. She had 12 children. In the Willmar Tribune, there is "a silver anniversary announcement for Ole B. and Christine". For more on Christine, see the Olsons.

Katarina Elizabeth

Katarina Elizabeth (Lizzy) was about 3 years younger than Christine so they were probably quite close. As per the Willmar Tribune, "Lizzie, from Pine County, visited her sister, Mrs. O.B. Olson, and other relatives and friends here in Gennessee". On September 26, 1904, "Lizzie again visited Christine at Gennessee". On July 24, 1907, "Lizzie visited H.W. Bright for an indefinite length of time". On December 16, 1907, "Lizzie departed for her home in the northern part of the state on Monday of the previous week, after spending the past summer and fall at the home of H.W. Bright." In the July 31, 1907 edition of the Willmar Tribute, it was mistakenly reported that "Lizzie and H.W. Bright were married on July 18". Apparently, the reporter had been "misled by baseless gossip. Seems as though a great many reports nowadays are "only talk" and not to be listened to. We tender our apologies for thus unintentially misleading the readers. Pat". Lizzie married Andrew Nordstrom. They had a daughter, Emma, who was born in about 1912. Interestingly enough, Emma's last name was listed as Logstrom in the 1920 U.S. Census. At the time, the family lived in Superior Ward 9, Douglas, Wisconsin. In the 1930 Census, they still lived in Wisconsin, and Emma's last name was reported as Logstrum. In 1940, Andrew and Lizzy lived in Rice Lake, St. Louis, Minnesota, where they had lived since 1935.

Lizzie Logstrom

Gustav Robert

Robert Logstrom was married to Sadie M. Pelto in about 1914. They had four children, Everett, Margy Adeline, Paul and Phyllis. All the children were born in Hennepin County, Minnesota. As per the Willmar Tribune, Robert and family "are among the new residents of the town of Gennessee, having recently moved here from Finlayson, Pine County. They will live on the five-acre tract purchased last year from Eric Person." On April 17 of that year, Robert purchased 5 acres of land from Anna Person and her husband for $500. Then in March 18, 1916, Robert sold 5 acres of land for $1,050 - probably all his land. As the children were all born in Hennepin County, this is probably when Robert moved his family there from Gennessee. Robert died in May 1967 in Show Low, Navajo County, Arizona.

Robert and Family
Robert Logstrom and Family

Olof Edwin

In 1909, Edwin lived in Central Butte, Saskatchewan. He applied for a homestead on the NW/4 Sec. 33, Twp. 20, Rge. 6, W3 but the Date of Grant was never filled in so perhaps he never went through with the homestead. Edwin was drafted into the U.S. Military. He is described as medium height, medium build, slightly bald, light brown hair, with dark blue eyes. He died on February 8, 1924, in the U.S. It is good that this is much later than when his brother accidentally shot him.

Erik Albin

Erik died on October 5, 1918 in a flu epidemic. On June 5, 1917, he was drafted into the U.S. Military. He is descibed as medium height and build, not bald, light brown hair and brown eyes. Erik Albin died in the line of duty in the Motor Training Detachment, during training at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Georgia. On October 5, four days after the initial breakout of two cases of Spanish influenza, Augusta's Camp Hancock reported 3,000 cases of the flu. Already, 52 soldiers had died of the disease. Furthermore, the epidemic had now spread off base with 47 cases reported in the Augusta area. There is no record of his having married.

Albin Eric Logstrom - Application for Headstone, War Department

Camp Hancock

Camp Hancock Hospital Wards

George Otto

George was married to Ethel Carrie Church in Regina, Saskatchewan, and they had two children, Edwin Clarence and Dorn Howard. Edwin was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and Dorn was born Seattle, Washington. George applied for a homestead on the NW/4 Sec. 17, Twp. 20, Rge. 6, W3 in Saskatchewan, near where Edwin had applied for a homestead. Like Edwin, the Date of Grant was never filled in so perhaps George never went through with the homestead. In 1916, George was included in the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta Census as a servant in Saskatchewan. In 1924 and 1925, George crossed the border to visit Ole B. and Christine. In the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, George's occupation was listed as brickmaker. In the 1940 Federal U.S. Census, his occupation was a machinist in a tile factory. George died on January 3, 1976 in Renton, Washington.

Martha Hedvig

Martha Hedvig was married to Jack Gibson on September 17, 1918, in Duluth, Minnesota. It is so sad that she died in the 1918 flu epidemic on November 22, while she was returning home from visiting her relatives. She had only been married for two months. Her husband was 20 years older than her and he had 2 children from previous marriages. In all, Jack Gibson was married five times.

Martha Hedvig
Martha Hedvig Logstrom Gibson

1905 Census
1905 Census, Kettle River, Pine County, Minnesota