2007 News

My mother has been in quite poor health this year, and we visited her in the spring when she was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. We were all very worried about her. However, she has such strength that she continues to amaze us. She gradually recovered from the pneumonia but continues to have breathing problems. She was taken to hospital by ambulance just recently and her husband, Claude, broke his ankle climbing into the ambulance. Claude has Alzheimers which exacerbates the problem. He has a walking cast, which he is continually removing, so his mobility is very limited. Luckily their meals will be delivered to them in their suite until they are able to make the journey to the dining room again. Mom has an electric scooter so she gets around the apartment quite well on that.


My oldest sister has moved to Elrose, our home town. She is retired now and has taken over Mom's house. She sold her house in Saskatoon very quickly and has settled into small-town living. We all thought she would be bored but so far she is enjoying it and her cats are really enjoying their new digs - even if they sometimes get out of the house. Only one of her cats is allowed outdoors, on a long lead. The others try but it just isn't safe in the world for those small creatures.

Main Street, Elrose, Sask.

My grandson made his First Communion in the spring. It was a wonderful day and his fellow first communicants looked really nice in their first communion outfits.

C.J.'s First Communion

I was fortunate enough to have my sister, Cheryl, and brother-in-law, Larry, install a new hardwood floor for me. We extended the installation from the living room into the dining area and kitchen so my apartment looks a lot larger. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun over the days it took to install it. However, it was a lot of hard work, and I really thank Cheryl and Larry for doing this for me.

My new hardwood


Mom is much better now. She goes for dialysis three times a week and that has removed most of the liquid from around her lungs, so she finds it much easier to breath. One sad note is that Claude's ailing health necessitated a move for him to a nursing home in Remsen, Iowa, where he grew up. He has Ahlzeimers and his health got worse after he broke his ankle. His kids made the decision to move him to the U.S. Mom misses him terribly. However, her kids come and visit as often as they can and take her out for excursions which she loves. She also talks to Claude on the phone whenever she can.

On the weekend of August 25, Elaine held a garage sale in Elrose, with the assistance of Mom, Adrienne, Elaine's kids, Kelly and Camei, and Julie and Francis. They made a good profit which they wish to use to purchase Mom a new television (one with closed captioning so she knows what is going on in her programs).

Julie and Francis sold their winter home in Texas and are planning to make shorter trips to the U.S. in the winter. They are looking forward to visiting other holiday destinations such as Arizona or California. They recently purchased a small holiday tent trailer (the new ones which have all the mod cons) and will park it at Palliser during the summer months. It folds out and has many beds so they and their family can spend as many weekends as they want at Palliser.

My sister, Adrienne, and her daughter are moving into a larger apartment in Saskatoon and are looking forward to the extra space. They also have a yard so Muffin and Chef can enjoy the outdoors. Adrienne is still working as a paramedic and she also continues to teach First Responders/First Aid courses throughout the province, a task she thoroughly enjoys.

Murray's daughter, Lindsay, got engaged to her long-time love, Mike, so there's another wedding coming up in the future.


The fall and winter of 2007 was a very sad time for my family. We lost our stepfather, Claude Treinen, on September 23, 2007. He had moved to a home in Remsen, Iowa, where he could receive more care due to his Ahlzeimers. He fell in mid September and broke his hip, an injury he couldn't recover from. Click here to see his obituary.

Then in October, Chris and I lost our adopted Mom and Grandma, Madonna Marcotte. She had been ill and in the hospital for about a month and one day she just fell asleep and never woke up. Also in October my Aunt Emma Olson passed away.

In November, we had a great shock! My brother-in-law, Francis Ordog, had a lateral aneurysm that burst and he immediately passed away while cleaning leaves off the driveway. Francis was only 64. We all ventured to Saskatchewan for the funeral. My sister, Julianne, mourns him greatly as his passing was so unexpected. We all will miss him a great deal because he was such a vibrant personality.

On December 19, 2007, my cousin, George Jennings, passed away at the age of 85. He had been ill for awhile before his death. I became very close to George as we both had a love of history and genealogy and worked on several projects together.


The winter of 2006-2007 was quite cold. My brother and I travelled to Saskatoon at Xmas to visit family. I stayed at a Saskatoon Bed & Breakfast for the first time. The house is one of the oldest residences in Saskatoon, and being located on Saskatchewan Crescent it overlooks the Saskatchewan River and the Bessborough Hotel. The trees were covered with frost and the streets were hard to navigate because of the amount of snow on the ground.

Adrienne and Mom
Adrienne and Mom (Adrienne's in uniform)

Calderhouse B&B, Saskatoon, Sask.
Calderhouse B&B

My mother has had quite a few health issues in the past year. She has been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia and other conditions related to her dialysis treatments. In December 2007 she was admitted for an erratic heartbeat noticed during dialysis and it was found that she needed a pacemaker. She had been experiencing symptoms (she said it felt like two gophers were running around in her chest) but because she had no pain associated with them, she didn't worry. However, there was a problem inserting the pacemaker because some of her veins were blocked, and the cardiologist didn't want to risk the surgery because of Mom's age. The team in dialysis supported the surgery because they know how strong Mom is. The veins were cleared, and another cardiologist was willing to do the surgery. She came home from the hospital just before Christmas and the entire family was together this year. It was a quiet Christmas because of all the sadness the last six months. However, my brother and sister were able to celebtrate their birthday together on the 27th, which they rarely are able to do.

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