2008 News

January - I fell in the unlit Subway parking lot in Saskatchewan in the fall when Chris and I were travelling to Saskatchewan for my brother-in-law's funeral. It was a really bad fall and I fractured my fingers (volar fracture). When I fell the tendens pulled chunks of bone out. I also sustained injuries to my right leg. Both were very painful at the time. Because the break was misdiagnosed in Rosetown at the time I fell, my fingers didn't heal properly, and I will suffer from chronic pain in my right hand forever. My chiropractor, Dr. Randal Heimark, sent me for xrays when the pain didn't disappear and discovered the fractures. He referred me to a hand surgeon but it will take several months to get in to see him.

We held our Client Appreciation Reception in early 2008 and we had a pretty good turnout. We expected more people to attend but a noted figure in the oilpatch just passed away, and his funeral was that day, so many people we had invited attended the funeral. It was a long day and by the end of the day my feet were worn out. However, everybody enjoyed it and my boss was pleased with the way the event went. I learned a lot working with our Events Coordinator on this project. She is very good at planning events.

Sproule Booth

April - My sister, Adrienne, just heard she has lymphoma. She will be undergoing chemotherapy for the next few months. We are all praying for her to make a full recovery.

September - I put my condo on the market. I have been thinking of a move to Cochrane, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of Calgary. With a population of a million people, it is just getting too large and too busy. When I made the decision to list, I rented a storage unit in Cochrane, and Larry helped me take furniture and items I wouldn't need out to the storage unit. Over the next few months, I staged the apartment. My sister, Adrienne, and her partner, Brad, visited me and Adrienne helped me do the final jobs needed to have my apartment look its best. Adrienne is so talented. I really appreciated her help - she isn't feeling well because of the chemo but she still wanted to help. She is so strong!

September-October - We had very sad news this year. On October 5, 2008, my mother, Anita Treinen, passed away. All her children spent the week before her death with her, and two of her daughters were with her when she died. She will be missed by all of us.

In late September, my mom, Anita, had been told by her doctors that she would no longer be able to have dialysis treatments as they were unable to find any new veins to use. We all knew that this day would come, but it was a shock nevertheless. The doctors told her she would live for a period of a week to 10 days. They advised that she do whatever her health would allow her to do. All her children who lived outside of Saskatoon arrived in town to spend precious time with her. We decided to take her on a road trip to the places she had not been able to visit since losing her kidney. Our trip lasted two days.

Day 1 - we drove south. Mom really wanted to visit Prairie Winds Park, where she and Claude had their first vacation home in Saskatchewan. Their trailor was perched on the edge of beautiful Lake Diefenbaker with a pier extending out into the lake. Claude spent many happy hours fishing off that pier. He and Anita also took the boat out and travelled and fished on the lake, which they both enjoyed. They periodically travelled down Lake Diefenbaker to visit Julie and Francis at Palliser. We found that Prairie Winds hadn't changed much except Mom's trailor was now gone. We toured the park and Mom reminisced about her time there.

My new hardwood

Our next stop that day was Clearwater Lake, where Mom spent many happy childhood days swimming with her sisters and friends and where she met her first husband, Earl. We stayed overnight with Cheryl and Larry which Mom particularly enjoyed because she hadn't seen their new house yet.

Day 2 - we drove to the farm where Mom grew up. We saw the house where she and her sisters spent many hours and drove through the hills behind the farm. The farm buildings haven't changed much over the years, although the verandah had been removed from the house. We drove into Elrose and took a tour of the town that was Mom's main residence until moving to Saskatoon. Then we returned to Saskatoon.

We stayed overnight in Kyle with Cheryl and Larry. The weather was extremely warm and sunny for those two days. However, there sadness permeated the atmosphere because we all knew what was coming.

Together at Cheryl's

Mom, me and Adrienne (at Cheryl's and Larry's house)

Prairie Winds Park
Touring Prairie Winds park

Clearwater Lake

The house Mom grew up in.

The weather was beautiful for both days. When we arrived home in Saskatoon Mom was very tired. That was when her grandchildren started to arrive. Mom was able to visit with the majority of her grandchildren and some of her greatgrandchildren. There were a lot of tears and hugs. Four the next few days, we had full-time use of the family room at Caleb, where a kitchen and seating area are located. This room is designed so that families can get together in privacy for parties or dinners. It was a Godsend for us because Mom's little apartment could not accommodate the large number of people who came to see her. Also, it gave the greatgrandchildren a place where they could run around and play, blowing off some steam. It just happened to be the 25th anniversary of my brother, Evan, and his wife, Sherry, so Mom came down to the family room and we had a celebration of this event.

Mom drifted in and out of consciousness the last two days before she died. Her strong wish was to die at home - she had spent so many hours in the hospital that she never wanted to go back there again. With her daughters able to care for her, her wish came true. Adrienne and I stayed in the apartment with her and one of us sat with her during the night holding her hand. At one point, late in the evening, Mom's face seemed to light up and she suddenly smiled. I asked her, "What do you see Mom?" She said, "I see Claude, coming up over the hill!" Then she slipped back into a peaceful sleep. We thought perhaps Claude was there watching over Mom and waiting to cross over with her. I really thank God for Adrienne during these days! She is an EMT and was able to administer the necessary drugs to keep Mom comfortable. Mom passed away Sunday morning.

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