2009 News


Life Changes

I made some major changes in my life in 2009. I moved to Cochrane, a small town 22 kilometres west of Calgary. Cochrane is a peaceful place to live, after the many years of hustle and bustle in Calgary. It has a population of about 14,000 and was established in 1881 as the Cochrane Ranche by Senator Matthew Henry Cochrane. Cochrane is a western town, with many acreages located nearby. As you drive through the scenic foothills, with the views of the vast Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, horses can be seen grazing in the pastures alongside the roads. It is common to drive by groups of people riding their horses, within the town boundaries or on the roads surrounding Cochrane. Cochrane offers a unique shopping experience, with small stores offering unique items. Cochrane is also home to a large and active arts community. My apartment is located right in the downtown and I can view the many activities from my 3rd floor balcony, such as the annual summer parade, or the yearly Christmas Light-Up.

Cochrane Parade
Bull at the Cochrane Parade
Cochrane Parade

Beautiful Horses
Cochrane Parade

Old Stagecoach

My New Family Members

In August I acquired a new family - two little Devon Rex kittens. They were born on June 28, 2009. It is interesting to note that the breed originates in Buckfastleigh, Devon, England, and right about that time Julie, my friend Carla, and I were visiting Buckfastleigh. It was meant to be!

Devon Rex
Freya and Nealy on arrival

One advantage of living in the Point of View apartments in Cochrane is that the condominium association allows pets. I didn't realize how much I missed having cats until I acquired these two little minxs.

Devon Rex
Freya and Nealy
Devon Rex
Freya Erlina
Devon Rex
Nolana Elswyth

June Trip to the United Kingdom

In June my sister, Julianne, and I travelled to the United Kingdom. We had an excellent time and the weather was excellent throughout the trip.

Click here to read an account of our trip.

Visit Ireland

Family at Sproule

My niece, Nichole, is now working at Sproule. She is an Intermediate Report Processor, and is working in my old department. She saw our ad in the Calgary Herald and asked her dad whether she should apply or not. He said she should apply but not tell me she applied. She went through the whole process of interviews without my even knowing until they made their decision. She was the favorite. She has excellent experience for our company, and she is a young and energetic worker. She is well liked by the staff at Sproule as she is always cheerful and willing to take on jobs. She has her father's work ethic. It is fun having her here at Sproule.

Thanksgiving in Saskatchewan

Evan and I drove to Saskatchewan in November to visit family over Thanksgiving. We visited Elrose, Kyle and Clearwater Lake, where Cheryl and Larry are building their new home. Cheryl and Larry prepared an excellent Thanksgiving dinner.

Murray and Larry looking out on lake
Looking over the Lake
Larry's and Cheryl's New Cabin
Larry's and Cheryl's Cabin
Cold Day on the Lake
Cold Day at the Lake

Even though the family was very busy in 2009, we all struggle with the loss of Mom - she was such an anchor for all of us. Whenever we had a problem, or were feeling anxious or worried, talking to Mom always made us feel better. Her good advice and loving comfort were very important to all of her children.

To see the headstones for Mom and Dad, click on the images below.

Image on headstone evokes many sentiments.

Mom loved books so we made sure she had her most recent book with her.

Dad was a musician all his life, hence the treble clef.

On November 25, Lew Olsen, son of Ernie and Kay Olsen, and my cousin, passed away while on his annual moose hunting trip in the north. Lew loved to hunt so he would have been happy while there. Lew was only 65 so his death came as a shock. I will miss seeing him when I visit Joyce in Regina - he always came over for coffee while I was there.

Click here to view Lew's obituary.


A very disgruntled Santa
This Santa doesn't look too happy

This elf looks pretty happy
This elf looks pretty happy.

I had an excellent Xmas this year. My sister, Adrienne, came and stayed with me for a few days and got acquainted with my new family. My brother, Evan, and his wife, Sherry, visited us one day in Cochrane.

December 27 is Adrienne's and Evan's birthday so we celebrated with a cake.

Evan's and Adrienne's Birthday Cake
Evan's and Adrienne's Birthday Cake
Evan and Adrienne

The Birthday Twins
Sherry, Evan and Adrienne

Sherry, Evan and Adrienne
Evan's new classic car
Evan's New Classic Car
Car's Interior

Car's Interior
Classic Car Collection
Classic Car Collection


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