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October - I had a total hip replacement of my right hip on October 1. I was in the hospital where I had the hip replacement for 3 1/2 days, then went home. My sister, Adrienne, came to care for me. I was very anemic and went to the emergency at the Foothills Hospital twice. I was admitted on the second visit for a week as I was quite ill by this time. My blood count was extremely low so I was given a blood transfusion. I had contracted a flu virus somewhere on my medical journey with associated symptoms. I was placed in isolation for almost a week until all the test results came back, then after one more day in hospital, I was sent home. I felt considerably better - I didn't feel so weak. However, my wound has a large hematoma (bruise) and is very swollen. This makes the surgery site still quite painful after 3 weeks. I am still using a walker and crutches and as of Oct. 27 I will be seeing a physiotherapist to continue exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip. I feel that the exercises I am doing at home are not enough to strengthen the muscles and reduce the size of the hematoma. I will be off work until at least mid December.

I had my surgery at a privately owned clinic, contracted by Alberta Health to perform hip replacements. Interestingly enough the hospital was the old Salvation Army Grace Hospital where I gave birth to my son. Shortly after the surgery I had a dream that I had just given birth to my baby and that in a few days Chris would come and take me and my baby, Chris, home. It is funny how dreams can combine two realities. I was also attended by the resident ghost, Maud, who died giving birth at the Grace. She came by on a regular basis and arranged the sheets around me feet to make sure I didn't get cold. The care I received was very good.

I cannot say enough about the care I received at the Emergency Department of the Foothills Hospital and the 3rd floor staff. The doctor and nurses were very caring. I was extremely sick and they did everything they could to make me feel better.

August - We enjoyed a family gathering at the marriage of my niece, Nichole, and her fiance, Chris, who got married at Gleneagles Golf and Country Club, just up the hill from my apartment. There was lots of family staying in Cochrane over that weekend. We had a good visit with all. The weather was perfect for a wedding - not too hot or sunny, just right.

June - My brother, Evan, has been undergoing treatments for cancer of the larynx and three lymph nodes. He had 7 weeks of radiation therapy at the Tom Baker Center in Calgary and several weeks since of recuperation. It has been a very difficult journey for him, and he is only now beginning to feel a bit better. He has lost quite a bit of weight as he has no appetite and his taste buds are not operational at present. We are all praying that the results he will receive this week are good. My sister, Adrienne, and Evan's twin, also underwent treatment for lymphoma in 2008-2009 and so far so good. Is it a coincidence that the twins both had cancer within a year of each other?

In March, I purchased a new vehicle. I bought a 2010 Honda CRV and it is beautiful. I really love the color - a bright red, and I have named her "Sweety". My first car was a 1965 Datsun, a little blue station wagon, that Chris called Sweety. Chris was almost 2 when I bought Sweety, and one day we were driving down the street. When I sped up to pass somebody, Chris called out "Go, Sweety, Go!" and she had that name forever. She was my first car, and the CRV will be my last car, hence the name.

On May 19, my new granddaughter was born. Isabelle Claire Olson is a beauty. She is tiny and very fine-boned with lots of dark, wavy hair.

My son, Christopher, convocated in May from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. I was so proud of him. He has worked hard to achieve this goal as he has been attending university part-time while still working full-time.

Chris - Convocation
Chris - Convocation

My nephew, Cory, served in Afghanistan with the Princess Patricia, out of Edmonton. He is an MP, serves on escorts, and also with the infantry.

Cory on patrol.


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