2011 News

Evan and Sherry lost their dog, Duke, in March. They were devastated as he was just 5 years old.

In April, my sister, Cheryl, and her husband, Larry, came to visit when the royal couple were married. We stayed up really late to watch the wedding live - it was fun.  

My niece, Anita, graduated from Grade 12 the end of June. She is attending Medicine Hat College and is taking Audiology. This will give her a certificate to practice audiology, after which she is planning to transfer to the University of Calgary to earn a degree. 

Sproule held a 60th anniversary reception and invited all staff who have worked at Sproule over the years. I saw many old friends and colleagues and really enjoyed the whole affair.

As well as being the President's Assistant, I am now assisting our Corporate Counsel - it is very interesting and I am enjoying the new work. They say change is as good as a rest. I am also assisting our new Head of Business Development, which involves a lot of marketing. I do a great deal of graphic design for marketing and this is part of my job I really enjoy.

2012 News

I transferred to a new department in February - my previous supervisor is my supervisor again. The president is away so much he doesn't need a full-time assistant and the duties I have for him have decreased so I can do them while in a different department. I am now in Report Processing and my work involves assisting our Corporate Counsel, our Head of Business Development, the Corporate Secretary and preparing correspondence. It is really nice to be on the 8th floor again - I missed all my friends when I moved up to the 9th floor next to Keith, the President, and people were afraid of him, so they wouldn't come and visit me.

I really enjoy working for our Legal Counsel - I even transcribe dictation which I haven't done for years. The work is interesting and Mark is good to work with. The work I do for Christoffer, our Head of Business Development, is interesting as well. I have always enjoyed doing marketing/advertising, and the graphic design part of my job is very creative. Chris is good to work with as well. I also get to type reports if the other girls get swamped. I enjoyed typing reports when I was in the department before.

My nephew, Evan, was married this summer. He and his wife, Audrey, are living in Regina. They make a lovely couple. I had attended their engagement tea prior to the wedding so I was able to see all my relatives over the weekend. I stayed with my sister, Julie, in Delisle. My sister, Adrienne, also stayed for the weekend and we had lots of fun getting stuff ready for the upcoming family reunion.

Our family reunion was in August and it was a lot of fun. A mass was said in the morning for my parents, and we went to the memorial park in Elrose to see the trees planted in their honour. We visited lots, ate lots, and very much enjoyed the whole weekend. I stayed at Clearwater with Cheryl and Larry. The weather was hot and sunny all weekend. Mom and Dad were on our minds throughout the weekend.

I will be on leave for December to February as I am having my left hip replaced. In June my sisters and I are planning a trip to Quebec, so I should be able to walk as much as I want by then.

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