2017 News

The year 2017 was very busy. In the spring, I decided to move to Saskatchewan. I was not able to sell my apartment due to the real estate situation in Alberta today but I still intend to make the move as soon as I am able to sell. In the summer, I visited my family in Saskatchewan, attended a wedding shower for my niece, Anita, and continued with my genealogy courses. In September I attended the wedding of my niece, Anita. I stayed in High River in the same hotel as family and it was very enjoyable.

Out of curiosity, my sisters and I had our DNA done by Ancestry.ca and it was very interesting. It is amazing how different the amounts of DNA we inherited from our parents was. I was not as Swedish as I thought I was, and had inherited more of my Farly genes. My oldest sister was the most Swedish, and she even had a very tiny amount of Jewish genes. My youngest sister and I were the most similar. I am the only one in the family who did not inherit the Olson long back - short legs. Instead, I inherited the Boerjan figure. My son also inherited this body type, being very similar in build to my grandfather Bill Boerjan. However, he looks very much like his father, John Hinger.

My son and his family went on vacation in Europe this summer. They visited London, Paris, Venice, Rome, plus other places in Italy. They visited many museums. Chris and Nancy celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with the kids in Lake Como, however, they did not run into George.

I will be going to Saskatchewan for Christmas this year. My nephew, Joseph, who is graduating from Queen's University as a lawyer, will be driving home with me. He is presently in France, attending university for one semester. His undergrad is in History so he is very much enjoying his time in France and Europe.

2015-2016 News

The winter of 2015-16 was a very warm winter. We hardly had any snow and the weather was quite warm throughout most of the winter.

My very good friend, Joyce, and wife of one of my cousins, had a bad fall and had to go into a seniors residence. In the spring my brother, his wife and me went to visit her and she was doing quite well. She is such a nice, bubbly person and I am very fond of her. I also had a very good visit with my brother and sister-in-law. We went over some old pictures of the family but I didn't have my scanner along at that time. The next time I visit them, I will take my scanner and laptop and scan the pictures.

In the summer I visited Saskatchewan again for a week, staying a couple of days with each of my sisters. My sister that lives on the acreage was taking care of her son's dog, Timber, and I fell in love. What a beautiful dog. He is a purebred yellow lab and a service dog. My nephew was in the Armed Forces in Afghanistan and had many of the same problems other vets had when he returned home. Timber has been a great friend to him, helping him through some tough times.

In October, my brother, Evan, who had lung cancer, was told he only had about 2 weeks to live. About 3 weeks before that, we had all gone home to Saskatchewan and had a great party at my sister's in Rosetown. Evan was doing very well that weekend and really enjoyed himself. That was the first time we had been together in quite awhile. We were so glad that we made that trip and that Evan was doing so well then. He died at home on October 24, 2015, with his family and good friends around him. Before he died, the priest from Sandstone came and gave him the last rites. This priest was wonderful because he also baptised Evan's new grandson the next afternoon in Evan's room so Evan was able to be involved in the ceremony. The next day he fell asleep and did not wake up. His wife was so good - she took care of him the whole time he was sick and up to his death. I don't know where she got the strength, but she loved Evan alot and she wanted to do that for him so he could be with his family. Evan had an overwhelming funeral, with all his family and friends as well as his workmates that he had worked with over the years he was in the lighting business. Many of his customers over the years attended as well as staff from Sproule (his daughter works at Sproule and I had just retired from Sproule). It meant so much to me that these good friends from work came to the funeral. The priest from Sandstone conducted the prayers - he had suggested having the funeral in a large funeral home because he did not think that the number of people wanting to attend would fit into his church.

I visited Saskatchewan in April to care for my sister who had a hip replacement. She had taken care of me for both my hip replacements. I really enjoyed the time there - we had a really good visit. She is recovering well and will be on her feet without a walker in no time

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