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The Olsons weren't always Olsons - they can be traced to the Larssons in Sweden in 1640. Sweden used the patronymic naming system, as did the other Scandinavian countries as well as Russia. Iceland still uses the patronymic naming system today. In this system, the last name consists of the first name of the father plus "sson" for a son and "dotter" for a daughter. In this system, my name would have been Patricia Ann Earlsdotter. My father was Earl Olson because his father's first name was Olof or Ole, hence, "Olsson". In North America, the double "s" was dropped to only one "s".

This naming system could be confusing, so farm names were developed, such as "Bengts". My greatgrandfather was Bengts Olof Andersson and my grandfather's name was Ole Bengts Olsson. This was one way in which the family in Sweden could be differentiated from other families with the same last name.

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Anders Andersson and Brita Olsson

Bengts Olof Andersson and Olpers Margit Matsdotter

Olson Origins - Changing of a Name

Olsons in Canada

Earl Olsons

To see a family tree of the 11 generations of our paternal Swedish family tree, go to:

Olson Family Tree

To learn more about further Olson ancestors in pdf, go to:

1908 - Earl Olson and Anita Boerjan
1875 - Ole Bengts Olson and Christine Logstrom
1833 - Bengts Olof Andersson and Margit Matsdotter
1792 - Anders Andersson and Brita Olsson
1768 - Anders Andersson and Anna Ersdotter
1738 - Anders Larsson and Margareta Matsdotter
1716 - Lars Andersson and Kerstin Ersdotter
1684 - Anders Gunnerson and Kerstin Jonsdotter
1640 - Gunnar Larsson and Kerstin Jonsdotter
1612 - Lars Andersson and Brita Hansdotter
1585 - Anders Larsson and Margareta Johansdotter

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