We have a very interesting group of people in our family. Links to stories and other publications pertinent to the various branches of our family are presented below.

Lost in the Mist of Time - Story of Antonei Farly and Marie Ann Bastien

Following a Dream - Story of Jacques Philippe Farly and Josette Dumouchel

Antonei's Hospital Stays - Antonie's Stays in Hospital

Filles du Roi - Young Brides - France to New France

French Connection - Our French Canadian Roots

A French Canadian in the Seven Year's War - J.P. Farley's Role

The Belgians - The Belgians

Biography of George Jennings - A Little Bit Irish and A Little Bit Swedish

Grandmothers - Mothers and Grandmothers, by George Jennings 2000

Ad for Homestead Act - Free Land in the West

Map of Montreal - Map of Montreal Showing Where JP Farly and Antonei Farly Lived

Trip to the U.K. - 1998 - Trip to the United Kingdom - 1998

Our Acadian Ancestors

Our family is also descended from French nobility on my grandmother's maternal line. These nobles left France for New France because they had lost their lands and money in the old country. Many settled in Acadia and their stories are especially sad. See the account below.

Our Acadian Ancestors - Story of our Ancestors of Nobility Who Settled in Acadia